The Hope and Optimism Portfolio
Accorded the Haut Patronage of UNESCO

Project Director:
Orde Levinson

EU and AU Coordination:
Gerrit Kempeneers

Damien Bayon, Pierre E. Bocquet, Dale Egee, David Elliot, Pat Gilmour,
Edward Lucie-Smith, Jean-Hubert Martin, Iba N'Diaye, Frederick Osborne

Consultancy assistance:
Association Dialogue Entre les Cultures; International Association of Art;
International Association of Art Critics; International Council of Museums;
Ministries of Culture and Education; Ministries of Foreign Affairs; National Galleries;
Secretariat of UNESCO (Unit for Promotion of Art and Culture)

General assistance:
Jeremy Rowe, Paul Turner and Amaury Marinho

JCI World Congress, Brussels Expo, Brussels, Belgium 2011
Voka - Kamer van Koophandel Limburg, Hasselt, Belgium 2011
Velinx, Tongeren, Belgium 2010
Department PHL-Healthcare, Hasselt, Belgium - 2009
Nederlands Congresgebouw, JCI European Conference, The Hague, Netherlands - 1994
Universiteit Ziekenhuis Gasthuisberg, Leuven, Belgium - 1994
Espace Carpeaux, Courbevoie, Paris, France - 1993-94
Cultural Centre, Sint-Truiden, Belgium - 1993
SAGA, Grand Palais, Paris, France
National Museum, Gibraltar

Permanent Collections:
Ashmolean Museum, Oxford
Ford Foundation, New York
Gerrit Kempeneers, Rehabilitation Centre, Sint-Truiden
Magdalen College, Oxford
National Gallery, Gibraltar
Tate Gallery, London
Ville de Courberoie, Paris
Ditsong National Museum of Cultural History, Gauteng South Africa

With Thanks
Apart from our gratitude to all those artists who participated in the Portfolio and to Magdalen College,
we would like to acknowledge the following, who have assisted us.

Accorded the:
High Patronage, Hoge bescherming, of Her Majesty, Queen Paola of Belgium
(Belgium exhibition)

Fellowship: The Government of Gibraltar.

Sponsorship: The Governments of Australia, Bermuda, Fiji, Finland, Gibraltar, Ireland, Jamaica
Namibia, The Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Sweden, Syria.

Transport: The Governments of Australia, Bermuda, Egypt, Finland, Jamaica, Ghana, Malta,
Mexico, New Zealand, Niue, Syria, Yugoslavia.
South African Embassy to Belgium, Luxembourg and Mission to the European Union.

Manning Goodwin, Drayton Trust, KPMG Pear Marwick (UK) and anonymous
for their charitable donations to the project as a whole.

AIAP-UNESCO (Mexico); Fundaçâo Cultural de Curitiba (Brazil); Foundation for Creative Arts (South Africa);
The Queen Elizabeth II Art Council of New Zealand and Te Wakatoi Arts Council (New Zealand);
SAGA (France); SINAPESP (Brazil); University of Westminster (Harrow).

Paper Suppliers:
Canson (BFK Rives): St Cuthberts Paper Mill / Invewresk Lts (Somerset Paper)

Those artists who assisted generously and the printers; Christopher Bacon (England), Atelier Franck Bordas (France), Brand X (USA),
Atlier Champfleury (France), Curwen Chilford Prints Ltd (England), Neils Borch Jensen (Denmark), Atelier Larsen (Sweden), Richard
Michel (England), Open Studio (Canada), Peacock Printers (Scotland), The Print Centre (England), The Printmaking Workshop (USA), Atelier Sericus (Netherlands), Solo Press (USA), Pip Thompson (England), Ian Wilmott (England), Kurt Zein (Austria),
Mystem Oy (Finland), London College of Printing & Distributive Trade. All have contributed to the Portfolio through reduced charges.

The Hope and Optimism Foundation S.A.